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    TS Server will work in safe mode not in normal startup


    I downloaded and installed Teamspeak 2 Server today and have had problems with it since.

    At first when I downloaded it, I launched the application and logged into the administrators feature online normally. This was a success I could edit the server and all of its options. I then logged out and closed down my computer. When I turned it back on again and launched Teamspeak once more i could not log into the online features.

    So, to troubleshoot the problem I had a look in the server log after I had exitted the application. There was only one record in the log, from the time that I first logged in.

    So I had a look in the forums on this site and tried things such as reinstalling the application and running it from the program files directory. I tried these things but everytime I reinstalled the program the same thing happened; I could log in the first attempt but not any time after that, and again there was only one record in the server log.

    However, then I launched the computer in safe mode with networking and discovered that I could log into the online feature and the server would work and record entries in the log upon entry and termination of the program.

    Even though you could call it 'partially working' in this form it is kind of useless, as in safe mode I cannot play any games due to the lack of audio and video drivers.

    So I was just wondering whether any of you have had the same problem and whether there are any resolutions to this. Does anyone know of any system or dirver conflicts? I have Vista 32 Home Premium, an ATi Radeon 3870 card and Sigmatel integrated sound.

    Any help would be much appreciated,


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    Problem Solved

    thanks BHKai.

    You were a real help.

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