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    I have problem with sound with Teamspeak2 client.

    I have made Sound mix as input device so I can play the music to which I listen to other players. Its like streaming.
    But if I unmute the microphone I can talk and they can hear me but they can also hear themself - everything I hear I stream on.

    I'm asking you to tell me how to stream only the sound I want and not all sounds.

    If I switch from Stereo Mix to microphone in windows teamspeak crashes and everything freezes - I found the solution to resolve this - START+L(switch users) and go to other admin and kill teamspeak on my account from the other account.

    Thank you!

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    Not possible unless you get a separate sound card and complex configuration. Either stream everything or just your voice.

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    Virtual Audio Cable is crazy tool to be honest.
    (can solve this, I know since I was doing some nuts stuff with it...... like 2x teamspeaks one for me second for lets say radio broadcast...)
    or recording Skype convo or altering my mic-voice for Skype

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