Hi i have searched the forums but not found a solution to my problem.
i recently upgraded my vista pc's to to windows 7 (so i could us my vistas on my old Xp pcs that are crashing alot) i have a G35 logitech Headset recently purchased and it was working fine on both vista and XP. in windows 7 however the headset works fine on everything except teamspeak. it works while not logged on to a server but when i log in the microphone stops working. windows can still hear me fine and is registering my talking but teamspeak does not :S
i have so far tried changing from direct to wave audio. my other new windows 7 pc with the Headset. changing the speech codecs. changing to my on board sound restarting and changing it back to G35 Headset and nothing is working i only have one server IP to try that a friend gave me and we use so i cant test it on another server. any ideas? if not how do i submit the issue so that in the next release on Teamspeak or next update i will be able to use this headset

the headset is a USB based 7.1 for those who dont know and therefor it uses its own build in sound card and windows see it as such