We are thrilled to see the growing interest in hosting companies planning on supporting TeamSpeak 3 and are therefore pleased to announce the commencement of our application process for the TeamSpeak 3 pre-release program. This program is designed to provide existing ATHPs (Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers) in good standing and other selected hosting companies which do not currently offer TeamSpeak hosting the opportunity to obtain a pre-release version of the TeamSpeak 3 server on or around December 1st 2009 for testing and preparation purposes.

These companies should receive an email TODAY with detailed instructions on applying for the pre-release program. If you are an existing ATHP in good standing and did not receive the email, or if you are a hosting company not currently offering TeamSpeak, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

In addition, we are also pleased to announce that we have just published a new podcast specifically for TeamSpeak 3 ATHPs. The podcast includes details on new ATHP-specific features, how to participate in our pre-release program, and new website features and licensing information.

Best wishes and thank you.