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Thread: Login Fail

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    Exclamation Login Fail

    sorry i know this is covered but none of the suggestions in other threads are working for me i have look through the document called server, got the superadmin password and ovously username but no mater what I consently get the same message saying "Login Failed" please help.

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    "login failed" to where/in what?
    WEBadmin interface
    TeamSpeak client?
    as who you were loging in?

    use admin and its pass for start again.

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    This May Help You!

    This small app will recover all the server passwords and can even create a new one if accounts get removed. This help me to log back into the Administration page.

    Once you can log into your superadmin account, check the server settings for the server you are trying to connect to and check the User manager for that server. If you don't have anything in this list create a user name and password and make sure you check the box for server admin. Once you have done this successfully, Now when you start up the client and you put in the info for the same server, use the same account username and password that you created on the User manager section from the Administration page, but before you connect, make sure you have portforwarding right if your behind a router (see your router's guide) for on how to do this, back to the client in the Server Address: box use your outside ip address or your mask if you have one and make sure you are using the UDP port address for the right server.

    i.e. everything before the : is your ip address (and the srever address where others will connect from) and the # after : is the UDP port that you are asigning.

    if you are using a mask it is the same

    you can also use localhost but i suggest using a mask over all, this way you don't have to give out your ip address and if your ip address is dynamic ( constantly changes ) you can have the mask syncronized with you dynamic ip

    Don't know if this is will hope but i hope it does!

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