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Thread: Sound priority

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    Lightbulb Sound priority

    Hi all,
    Please forgive me if there is an answer somewhere that i missed.

    I'm looking for an application (i don't even know if it exists as google stayed quiet) that allows you to set sounds priority, i mean , for instance :

    -Listening to WMplayer with TS at the same time
    -Someone starts talking => WMP sounds are muted until he stops talking.

    The aim is to allow you to perfectly understand what is said on Teamspeak AND to let the sound from other apps.

    Hope you understand what I mean

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    Hmm. Not sure if there is a program or not. Maybe a rough but possible temp solution could be setting the output of TS higher then the sounds of the application / games.

    That way whenever someone speaks, you'll hear whoever is speaking over the game/ application.

    Not the exact solution you want but it's all i got.

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    Yeah that's what I do for now. But as such an application doesn't seem too complicated... I thought it could exist.
    Maybe an idea for TS3/motivated devs, it would be an awesome feature imo !

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