I'm impressed, I've read a few posts, for a beta, I really liked it.

Me and a friend couldn't find much informative documentation on the tokens, I had little idea what I was doing setting the server up at 7:37-8:03 AM in the morning, It was a bit later, that we tested it.

Great stuff, My question is, can someone try to clarify what Serverquery and Tokens are? I'm aware they are talked about heavily in the /docs/ folder, which is what I've been reading heavily in order to set and get the server to run. I was a bit disappointed at the 32 user limit.

Mind you, I use the server for personal use, but eh, why would I care on a user cap, when I can't even get more then 4 users connected at once.

Anyway, in truth, this topic goes out more to me wanting to comment on it.

The client, and the server mainly. I think you guys did a good job, I have found no bugs, but I suspect that I'll find some, eventually. I'm still a bit confused over the permission system, I hardly touch it. Best left default, unless I actually have a need to change it.

Also, I noticed chat is saved. Is it saved on the client end? Or the server end? I haven't been able to really find out if it was or not.

Keep up the good work, my questions are vague, but you know.

I can't really say I know what to say, yet. But, I'll get there. I had something in mind, but you know.

All in all, if you could drop a better explanation of the serverquery, and the permission system, any little bit information helps, In the meantime, I'll likely be asleep, or reading more of the docs. Thanks for any help in advance.