I have tried both x32 and x64 clients just to be sure, but on both my machines, when I successfully connect to a server the program closes/exits.

A little information on my primary system:

OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business
Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Phenom(tm) 8650 Triple-Core Processor, 2305 Mhz, 3 Core(s), 3 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 2.00 GB
Available Physical Memory 2.65 GB
Total Virtual Memory 12.2 GB
Available Virtual Memory 8.90 GB
Page File Space 6.29 GB

When I check the logs from TS3 they all have the same information:

INFO | | | Logging started, clientlib version: 3.0.0-beta1 [Build: 9369]
INFO |Input | | Input device name: Mouse
INFO |Input | | Input device name: Keyboard
INFO |ClientUI | | TeamSpeak 3 client version: 3.0.0-beta1 [Build: 9369]
INFO |ClientUI | | Qt version: 4.5.3
CRITICAL| | | Assertion "m_connectInfo.m_host == hostInfo.hostName()" failed at client\clientui\UI_qt\serverview.cpp:2435;

Just looking for someone to make a little sense of the issue, I have tried reinstalling, but have still had no success. When the client tries to connect to a non-existant server, it displays error as intended, just can not connect to an existing server.