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    MySQL Issue + how to stop the server

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    I got two questions actually. First one... I am not able to start the server using the MySQL database, the error is:

    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
    And I have no clue what that means, all data is correct. The database is up and running, it has a login incl. a password, all information is entered in the config file I had to create as documented in the TS3 Server manual. Any ideas?

    The next question: when you start the TS3 server (in this case without the mySQL support)... how do you shut it down? I start it and then (using PuTTY) the command line is not coming back and using the server-connection to send commands always says that the serverstop command is not supported, even though it's documented.
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