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    server admin

    How to login in teamspeak client? same with teamspeak 2, i cant see how to put my admin passworld on ts3.

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    How does the TeamSpeak 3 user authentication work?
    A user login name and password like in TeamSpeak 2 do no longer exist. Instead TeamSpeak 3 uses a public/private key mechanism where each user is assigned a unique identifier. This is your "key" to the server, all permissions are bound to this unique identifier. The private key is stored on your computer and not shown anywhere in the client. This private key must be kept secret. The public key, shown in many places in the client, can be given to other users to identify yourself. If you lose your private key, your user account is lost and cannot be recovered.
    If anyone is asking you for your private key, he is trying to cheat you. TeamSpeak Systems or TritonCIA will never ask for the private key of your identity.
    From FAQ, try searching!

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