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    BUGREPORT: Permissions system

    Hi there,

    First of all i would like to thank you on TS3. Its been a long wait and i belive its been worth it from the breif shot i had of it tonight.

    However i seam to have broken somthing when Creating my own custom permissions group. I created the group and gave it simular permissions to the server aminds group with the remove of a few key permissions i dont want anyone in this group to have.

    However once doing this ever client that connected to my server if experenting a crash, With the execption of me as i was still in the teamspeak server useing the server permissions manager.

    Once i relised everone was unable to connected again i then disconnected and tryed to connected again and it gave me the cash as other users where having.

    Our server IP is 9987 port, or same port.

    I have attahced serveral dumps of the crash from mutiple pcs hoping this will help..

    Also i put this in here as i was unsure where to put it as i belive it could be a a combined server/client error.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Hi all,

    Just an update i now belive it is not the bug in the permissions thing, as some users have also expereced in here i have removed the server grapics and all is fine - Resulting in the issue beging with the server grapics and not the permission.

    Also my i add, please ignore these idots who say ts3 is crap as they ovbsoully have no idea what there on about.



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    bug is fixed with next build

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