This started after beta5 came out, I go on teamspeak with my friends, and go play Joint Operations or Modern Warfare 2 and my mic sounded fine, but after beta5, now when I go ingame on any game, it sounds like I have abunch of crickets in my room, I've had a friend record my voice, and he wasn't kidding. I am using a Sound Blaster PCI128, ye it's old, but their's nothing wrong with it, I also tried my onboard sound card, and it did the same thing. A few other people have the same problem as me, so it's not just me. I got the server administrator to test other codecs because it was on the CELT Mono (48 kHz), and I thought it might be incompatible with my game, so we went down to Speex Ultra-Wideband (32 kHz), and it worked fine, fixed it, but then it came back. I've tried multiple other codecs, but either they work but have major lag, or it just sounds like abunch of crickets in my room. It was something done after the beta5 server client was released. Any ideas?