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    Missing? functions

    im moving over from ventrilo to ts3, and so far so good.

    but there are a few things i cant find, might be there, might not, in ts3.

    One is rank list; on vent i can set 'ranks' for people, and those ranks are displayed in front of their user names

    another is user activity; you can specify a time which after no activity moves the user to a particular channel (like a AFK channel).

    yet another is the MOTD (message of the day) files for registered users and guests (two different ones) that are shown on client connect.

    are these or equivalent functions present in TS3? if so how to i enable



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    The only one out of this I would like to see is the AFK channel.

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    i doubt those things will be included out of the box. but remember that there will be alot of plugins and im sure vent features that TS will not include will be the first plugins available.

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