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    Did you maybe set the idle time in another way, like in the channel groups or client permissions?

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    Like i said before i never changed a single value or anything else. Only changed the fontcolor from grey to black by clicking on it (to see the values). :\

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    eng: I think i found the Problem. The timer fpr the max idle time is not listet in the channel or server groups. You have to look at the client settings.
    the following link shows this.

    ger: Das Problem ist folgendes das man den timer in den client setting ausschalten muss und nicht in den gruppen. der folgende link zeigt was ich mein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seoman View Post
    English: Hmph, since yesterday i have a similar problem. "<13:55:10> The server kicked you from the server (idle time exceeded)"

    That's just strange, I does not change a single right. Clicked on every right to see what the value is. Nothing more....

    Some time later I was kicked from the server and when I went back on it I suddenly had the priority speaker icon next to my name. I tried to switch it off... no success. I found an answer for this. Thought it would solve the idle time problem....

    Does anyone have a solution?

    Server Groups -> Server Admin -> Client -> Max idle time value is at 75 and grant also .... apart from the fact that this is NEVER the time in seconds.... this cant be the problem for real?

    *** german part deleted ***

    A new problem which i didnt see yesterday is that i cant speak! Whats going on?

    *EDIT 2*
    God.... my nerves.... Why the hell are so many values changed? The force push to talk option was "on" thats why i could not speak. Server is still kicking me...

    I have the exact same problem as above. Priority speaker icon and idle time exceeded.

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