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Thread: [Buglist]

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    Filetransfer and Avatar transfer does not work with 32Bit openSUSE 10.1, 32Bit Debian
    -- Description:
    -- Thread Avatar:
    -- Thread Filetransfer:

    Phonetic nickname does not play, even when using "Default speech"
    -- Description: When using the default speech and trying to add some phonetic words into the test-area, they won't play when pressing the button. Using Win7 Professional. It works once when you reconnect to the server, but clicking multiple times onto the play button makes it going crazy and it won't work anymore

    User "serveradmin" hasn't always a timeout
    -- Description: I don't know how I did it, but simetimes the "serveradmin" User doesn't timeout and so it's always visible in the servers nicklist.

    Description of "help clientinfo" is wrong
    -- Description: "Example: clientinfo cid=6" should be "Example: clientinfo clid=6"

    IMG Tag does not work
    -- Description: Using the following in the Text-Bar does not work properly ( } = ], { = [ ): [img}{/img]

    Export/Import fails due to extension bug
    -- Description: Exporter doesn't seem to add the proper extension for macs
    -- Thread:
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    Sometimes your IP got banned in ServerQuery interface for 500 seconds as a Server Admin

    Server password is truncated to 2 chars after closing and reopening the Connect panel

    If banned by ID it is possible to connect to a server just by creating a new Identity

    Client crashes on selecting Creative ASIO for Capture (Audigy 1 Sound card)

    Expand all channels on login doesn't work

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    Added Identity import/export filename extension Bug from

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