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    Using scheduler to start a service is not a proper way of doing things... IMHO.

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    I used to run TS2 from a scheduled task at system startup. Not ideal, but it worked pretty flawlessly. Once I disabled the "stop task if it runs for 72 hours" option good point was it needed no extra software.

    I can understand that TS3 is still in beta, and is therefore incomplete. But, if TS3 release ships unable to act as a windows service, then something is severely wrong. I do appreciate that the majority of hosting providers (if not all of them) run linux.

    But I am sure that basically everyone that does run a home TS server on windows will want to be able to install it as a service and forget it. Without using additional software such as FireDaemon or srvany. How else would you want to run it?

    I couldn't even get a scheduled task for TS3 server to work on my 2k8 box :/ Sure, i could put it in a startup folder, then it only works after, and while, you are logged on. Not the case after an automatic update...

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