Running server on windows 7, server is on static IP. I have bound the static ip, and I have all teamspeak ports open. I'm using port 8767

All was fine till my old old modem took a crap on me. Got a new modem and setup, now the only thing different is the external ip and some people can join but some cannot.
I have been running this server for years without these problems. About 2 months ago i updated with the exe file from the ts2 download page, would this cause any connection problem with others that may not have updated with the same exe ??

As of right now I have 2 people joined on the server just for testing, 1 is behind a router and the other is not.

I have a few others that cannot join no matter what they do.
If they don't put a password in, it doesn't give them the option to put in a password, so its as if there not even getting close to my server, but they can see it on the web server list...

all they see is:

No reply from server
Maybe the server is offline or
maybe teamspeak is not running on it

I'm stumped here, if anybody has any input or ideas, I would really appreciate any ideas you have. or if you had this problem and fixed it I would like to hear about it.

Thanks for giving this a read!
Happy Holidays!