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    can anyone reup this skin?

    I need this skin

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    will Reup Give me a minute

    OK I do not have the original Zip file and i changed the speaking icon to red so i could tell alittle better that i was talking or that others were talking because the differences between the non speaking icon blue color and the speaking icon blue were not defined enough so i have done alittle editing of my own to it so you will have to have the edits that i made but they are not drastic.

    Here you go Attached to Teamspeak forums this time.

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    Reupped this skin! This is a seperate post from the my last post

    I have a new version of this skin. I have edited nothing but a few icons and added a few lines at the end of qss file.

    I edited 4 icons. I made 2 purple and 2 orange. the 2 purple icons i changed because i was tired of not being able to see if a channel was full or if it was unjoinable because of the max clients. (on my server i have some parent channels max clients set to 0 to force my users to join the sub channels)

    I also changed 2 of the files that show up when a channel is password protected. The reasons is because the original authors pictures were indistinguishable between these channel types.

    I know the edits to the icons are not blue but its just my edits. There is also a change to the mic activated icon. I changed it to red so i would see that i or someone else was talking alittle better because the gray background make the small changes in icon color hard to see when someone was talking and when i was talking. Also it helps visibility in the taskbar as well.

    Sorry if you want the original but until the original creator reups his skin this is what we have.

    As for the updates to the qss i updated the file because of it having white alernating rows that obscured the text. Thanks to Mucus for the short lines to fix this.

    I use this theme on my client so i dont want it to just fade away so i have updated and uploaded this file for you all. Hope you like it as much as i have.


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