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    December 2009
    Same here, running ts3 server on a dedicated root-server with 100MBit up/down unlimited traffic.
    i've tested free bandwidth and its 95% free for ts3. users i've tested with had >=16MBit down/2MBit up

    With Speex Ultra 32KHz everyone sounds robotic, even with very good mics.
    I switched the channels to Speex 16KHz quality 10, sounds better

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    December 2009
    Maybe i'm misunderstanding peoples use of the term 'rootserver'.

    I think everyone is referring to 'dedicated servers'. In which case, i have no idea what peoples problems are. My server is hosted off

    My clan just hasn't had any issues at all so far. The server is Linux based. All clear as a bell.

    Any of you having sound quality issues also using Linux? Or are you using Windows Servers?

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    December 2009
    I'm running ts3 32bit beta2 on suse 11 / client beta2 vista 64bit

    other users used all windows client versions. 32bit and 64bit with xp,vista and win7

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    April 2005
    Same Probem here:

    Server Linux Debian 5.0.3, 100 mbit, 32 bit

    Tested codecs: CELT 48 and Speex 32 with quality from 6 to 10

    Sometimes Sound is ok but mostly we have got the "head in toilet" effect. The server hosts although a Mumble 1.2 Server. There we got a crystal clear Sound and no problems with bandwith or quality, even if someone has open a p2p tool.

    So if that is the quality endresult of ts3: rm -r teamspeak3-server_linux-x86

    But still waiting for the final release with that

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    December 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Maniacle View Post
    Hmm...there as to be a reason why some have issues and some don't. It isn't an 'everyone has this issue' type of problem.
    That's true...but it surely isn't "Internet connection speeds related".

    There are people in here with 100Mb line having the issue and others that don't.

    I have a dedicated Debian Lenny x86 box for the server on a 12/2 line. That equals 250KiB (theoretical) and near 200KiB (real). Even using CELT (TS says near 20KiB) it would only take 1/10!

    Its like some people said in here, in TS2/Vent, i can't get them to twist (robot effect, distort, etc) voices, even using P2P soft in the same line as the server. People still can understand what i say and vice versa!

    My best shot is that somehow the client/codec set is very sensitive to bandwidth. That and the voice activation issue and something else should be enough to cause the various sound effects that we are getting.

    Keep up the good work

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