Greetings all,

Me and my friends were testing teamspeak 3 and we have discovered a very annoying bug in the permission system. I have created some basic channels - as the administrator - like test1, test2... etc on my server. My friends have made an own room for testing and they have gained their Channel Admin permission there. The only problem is that, they don't gain group modify power in that channel only, but on the whole server.

So at this point, they can give channel admin permission to anyone on the server. The "Needed group modify power" is 75 on all the channels. I have lowered the group modify power of the Channel Admin group to 0 and gave modify powers for only one user for his own channel only. Somehow, he was able to do the same like before, he could change the group of anyone.

To reproduce this bug:
2 users are needed. Both of you should join. One must stay in the default channel, the other should create an own channel to get Channel Admin priviliges. After that the CA user can give CA to the one in the default channel.

Hope it's clear for everyone :P (this problem happens with the default config)

Waiting for replies.