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Thread: Bind to 1 ip

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    Bind to 1 ip

    if I understand well you must use the command line to bind to 1 ip
    example: TS3server_win64.exe

    But how can i check it works well? Bindinglist gives: ip:

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    Since you are running windows, you can do the following:

    Open a cmd.exe prompt
    Type: netstat -a -b

    This will give a detailed list of every program that is currently having/waiting for a connection on either the lan or internet.

    Wait to the list is fully loaded, scroll up and find ts3windows_win64.exe

    Then you will probably see it using port 10011, 30033 and 9987.
    Next to that is the IP-address which it is using for those ports.

    Either for every networkcard attached to the machine, or a selective ip (for example for a specific networkcard.
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    Seems like it works

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