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    Some suggestions (Sound Quali)

    Hey guys,

    first - great job. We were waiting long time and now its our time for beta testing. Thanks a lot for your homepage management yesturday. I Think it was a good solution to put a page online only with all reachable dl-links for ts3

    we (@IBR-Clan from germany) installed a server and tested the whole day. Very nice new features. Overall TS3 seems to be bug free - good work.

    So here is one suggestion:
    In my opinion there is no more the problem of high latency but with sound quality. The players sounds like they are talking into a tin. Something like robo-voice
    I dont know what to do against it. I think it is not in our force to change it?? Some alpha repots says that there is absolute cleare sound quality!?!?!
    If you have to change something to get 100% quality than say it . Before you ask: we use "Speex Ultra-Breitband (32 kHz)" with Quality 10

    What is with the old "Speex 25.9 Kbit" codec from TS2?? Why we dont have the choice to use this one for channels where we only want to talk?? Than there is no more reason to use TS2

    One more suggestion:
    I use hotkeys very often in TS2. Mostly something like "go one channel up" or "go one channel down" In TS3 the is only the choice to switch in a certain channel...

    So thats all for this time...

    Go ahead with your nice work...

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    sry guys for pushing but i think here are some good questions+suggestions
    i hope some ts developers will say someting about that

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