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Thread: Qt Styles

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    Qt Styles

    TeamSpeak3 is Qt4.

    Why can't I use Qt/KDE styles, icons and color schemes as I do with other applications, like Arora, for example?

    Will it (styles, icons and colors) be possible with the final release? If not, why?

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    they most likely want it to be platform/UI manager independent.
    i think it should be possible for your to override the liberaries with systemlinks and exports so you can force them to use KDE skins.

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    Maybe, but the problem is that client has Mac/Windows look down there, but not on GNU/Linux, where it's ugly. Like with Firefox (although it's been improving since 3.0), but it is still the reason I use Konqueror, Arora, Chrome, Midori, practically anything to avoid it.
    Sometimes I just can't, things like (plugins) Flash are just too slow outside Mozilla world, so I use IceCat, at very least I'm not raising their usage graphs anymore.

    TeamSpeak 2 is uglier (but pascal, okay, options aren't easy), far less ugly than Ventrillo. But, of course, I can just guess that TeamSpeak 3 will endure Mumble (which does both, system styles and application skins) in another dimension.
    Overall TeamSpeak 3 is pretty fine, ALSA support, cryptography, custom permissions, better codecs, still the "UI" doesn't feel right. Since the choice was to rewrite client in C++ and Qt, it's so simple to allow system libraries now, that I really can't see what is to lose, as an example here, Skype does provide dynamic and static linked packages.

    So, as a suggestion and a really simple way to fix this once and for all, it wouldn't be that complex to adjust some settings accordingly, and, voilą, you've got the pretty UI you chose, not one among custom sets of squares, circles (currently we only get lozenges ) and other primary forms combined with different nuances of gray and grayed blue.

    As a last effort, this would help GTK+ based desktops also (I thought some wouldn't fall into this, ta-da, makes no difference to static links, but makes quite a difference with dynamic ones), as you can wrap the icons and such with gtk-kde4 or similar options. In the end, if the result is just not worth, make the current luser interface default, and all other user interfaces that ever worked for everyone as an option. I'm looking forward to see it changing yet in beta, while there's nothing definitive, like lozenges, gray and dotted scroll bars without smiley faces.

    PS: I'm not trying to be offensive with the l/user terms, it's just a way to state my opinion (that lusers don't get to choose), that's why I've linked to their definitions.
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