Originaly beta1, after investigation we upgraded, beta2 was crashed.
(32bit both)

Computer details:
Prosessor: 3.0Ghz Amd Athlon X2 64
Ram: 4gb ddr2 800mhz lowlatency
motherboard: Nforce 540Sli
souncard: built in
OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

ok so heres the leadup to the crash:
we had guests join the server, one could connect but hes client crashed giving him permition errors(permitions for guests has not been tampered with).

the 2nd guy, he could not connect at all.

i havent got the first persons crashdumps, i will ask if nessosary.

so i restarted the server. apon reconnection(of myself) the server crashed. i went onto the companies support and we went through several options to try and correct this error. or find out the cause.

1. Resinstalling the client.
2. Updating the server
3. Connecting to a clean server(which worked)
4. reinstalling the uniquie virtual server, which worked..

dispite coming to a fix this error should not happen. Let alone crash the enteire server nest.

another thing i looked at, was an error i got in the client log. streight after disconnecting:
2009-12-20 16:29:12.304750 Info No image, refusing to display
ofourse this could just mean, it cant retrive the image since it timed out... but it spammed that 9 times or so. per disonnect.

after the the client reinstall the timeouts resulted in a client-side crash. i have attached both crashdumps. but the serrver continued to crash(the whole nest. not just the single virtual server).

we looked at the server side issues. no crashdumps were produced, before the crash this is all that they got:
2009-12-20 16:57:02.536097|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client connected 'Storm'(id:2) from ****************

if you wish to get in contact with the company, they are i trust you have the contact info for them. Feel free to private message me or post in this form for any more infromation you would require to nailing this bug.
On a side note, i have a few other things to report:
1.TTS stops working after a period of time, restarting the client fixes this.
2.somone who is quiet on ventrilo(but sounds fine when truned up) comes on ts3 can be heard needs to be turned up ti 10db, but sounds like he is ina pipe....
3.Feture: the permitions system would be nicer to have ti more userfriendly it is slightly offputting looking at that huge list..