Hi, I had a lot of problems with TS3 to begin with - I'm on windows 7 64bit and had to keep reinstalling the software after each use just to be able to log in again. I've since installed the 32 bit version of TS3 now and everything seems to be working fine.... touch wood.

I am having 1 problem though. I am renting the TS3 server so this is not a server I am hosting myself. I was emailed a ticket for Server Admin permissions when the server was first installed. I used that ticket while playing with the 64bit version of TS3. I have now reinstalled a few times and got the 32 bit version working but the ticket that was sent to me for server admin permissions no longer works and I can no longer admin the server.

A new server could be installed and a new email sent out with a new ticket but this cant be normal. I've kept the ticket number but after reinstalling how do i log back in with my server admin permissions?

And how do I prevent this happening again?

Thanks for the help.