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    [Fixed] Lua Function

    In Beta 1 (maybe already fixed in Beta2?) the LUA function ts3.getChannelVariableAsString seems to be calling the C function ts3.getClientVariableAsString internally, thus you rather get a user's info, in case the given channel id matches an actual user id.

    And I would really appreciate it, if you could add the function requestClientSetWhisperList in LUA (currently marked as 'todo').

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    I can conform that and added it to our bug tracker.
    But I think it's not the highest priority of the dev team

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    So i tried to write a plugin instead, and it seems the function requestClientSetWhisperList does not do anything at all, but after reading the SDK documentation and comparing that with the current implementation of Whisper Lists, i guess this function ist just outdated and will be replaced with something else, since you can have more than one Whisper List, which isnt considered in the current params of the function.

    But TS3 is great so far anyway, i guess we will just miss the Channel Commander.

    (Oh, and if any forum admin reads this: Could you please delete the Account "Persane" and maybe rename me? I picked 2007 as the year of my birth on that account and i should activate it by faxing something to you or something along those lines )

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