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    Public Server - Permanently Banned

    Well Teamspeak 3 is finally out. A friend and I have been looking forward to its release for sometime, unfortunately the community we are a part of has yet to set up its Teamspeak 3 server, so we decided that we would head to the default server and see whats new.

    Not being new to Teamspeak I spent a few minutes off line setting up my Microphone and making sure that all my macros were set up properly. I managed to get on the public server pretty easily with all the traffic, I connected at 14:32:08. I didn't know if my friend was on the server yet, and I went looking for him in the different channels.

    No more than two minutes after I connected, at 14:34:11, I was banned permanently by a user called Omoloith.

    After being banned I speculated that I had been banned for not setting up a Nickname, not having spotted the Nickname bar before I quick connected to the server. I promptly changed my name to "Archimonday" to avoid that ever happening again.

    I then came here to the forums, and searched for some sort of Unban request forum or thread, thinking that perhaps there was a formal request thread somewhere. I found only one post that related to my same issue, made by a man named IllegalBeagle here:

    I searched for four more pages, and tryed a few different searches with different key words, but nothing. I promptly registered for the forums and am now here formally requesting I be unbanned from the Public Server, I did nothing wrong as far as I knew and would like to get back on to look for my friends until our own TS3 server is finally ready.


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