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    TS3 Multiple server, how ??

    I have this after my TS server create_default_virtualserver=0 default_voice_port=9987 createinifile=1 inifile=ts3server.ini

    should create multiple servers, but there is no correct documentation for it.
    any who has figured out how?

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    at time not license reg is not on line aktule 1 server 32 slots.
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    time for a (free) licence than xD

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    In the LICENSE file (yes its in caps im not being smug) it say 1 32 man server.

    Which is sad because I was hosting 5 clans and 3 guilds on TS 2 as we had lots of CPU to spare for our friends.

    Most of the WoW Guilds use well over 32 slots on Fridays and Saturdays.

    And they were all excited to use TS3

    Does my clan that lets people use our stuff for free (and we dont make $$ infact we spend out of our pockets) Quallify as a Reg NPO so we can have more servers or even 60 slots would be kopacetic.

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