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    Copy permissions to new group?

    is there any way to copy the permissions from one group to a new group, so i dont have to spend all afternoon entering them? I want a few new groups with just a couple tweaks.



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    This a old topic and copy group option was added for long time now.

    The only way I know is editing the ts3server.sqlitedb SQLite database, so you must have access to the TS3-Folder to do this.

    You can use any tool supporting SQLite, but hereīs a little tutorial using SQLiteman(freeware):

    1. BackUp your ts3server.sqlitedb, you can find it in your ts3-directory and copy it somewhere else(so youīve got it three times: one used by the TS3, one BackUp and one to work with)
    2. Start SQLiteman and open your copied ts3server.sqlitedb
    === To create a new group (this can be done in TS3 as well) ===
    3. Doubleclick on groups_server which you can find under tables in the Tree-View on the windowīs left side
    4. You can see your groups and their IDs in the lower right part of the window, dont mind Group 1-5(1&2 are for ServerQuery logins and 3-5 are templates, I suppose)
    5. Add a new row(=> group) using the Add a row button above the Groups
    6. Fill the row (server_id should be 1, assuming you havenīt got a license yet, and type also 1; group_id is the highest existing group_id +1 and name ... your own decision)
    7. Save the changes by clicking the "save the current transaction..."-button above the grid
    === To copy permissions from a Group to another ===
    8. Now you must use some (easy) SQL
    9. Select all permissions you want to copy
    e.G: You want to copy all permissions of the normal-group, which has the id 7(you can find it in the groups_server-table)
    So write "SELECT * FROM perm_server_group WHERE id1=7" in the SQL-Window in the upper right part of the window and click the green arrow above it("Run SQL")
    Now you have all Permissions you want to copy in the lower right list
    10. Click the "Export Data"-Button above the list (donīt worry, itīs not grayed out)
    11. Save the file anywhere using the "SQL inserts"-Format (without headers)
    12. Open the file using any Text-Editor and replace all original id1 in the insert statements with the id of your new group(you can use a find&replace function, but watch out it replaces nothing exept the id1s)
    13. Save the file and import it to SQLitemans SQL window(the thing in the upper right corner) using the Open button(if it asks you if you "all you changes... ", say yes)
    14 You should see some/many SQL statements
    15 Click the first line and the "Run multiple SQL-statements"-button (the one with two green arrows)
    16 It should import some things
    17 Close SQLite
    18 Stop the TS3-Server
    19 Replace the ts3server.sqlitedb with your edited one
    20 Start the TS3-Server and be happy

    You can do steps 3-7 in TS3 as well (but you must copy the ts3server.sqlitedb AFTER doing this)
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    Thanks for this. Easier than entering all the info by hand to multiple groups, which is what i was faced with.

    But, why in the world would they leave this feature missing? Would be a LOT easier to just 'clone' a user id/group/whatever.

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    Adding a GUI feature for this would be very very helpful.

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    I don't think there is a need for this. You can simply put users in more than one group. One primary group (which would be the "normal" user group) and one secondary group which is almost empty except the permission you want to add / substract (set negate flag).

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    it won't work (for me :P)
    i want to copy Server groups from 1 virtual server to another.
    If i replaced al ID1 i get a error

    nsert into <any_table> ("server_id", "id1", "id2", "perm_id", "perm_value", "perm_negated", "perm_skip") values ('1', '20', '0', 'b_virtualserver_token_use', '1', '0', '0');
    -- Error: near "<": syntax error Unable to execute statement.


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    can be done a lot easier?

    create new group

    login to serverquery

    use sid=1 (or whatever number you want to use)
    servergrouppermlist sgid=[old group id]

    in the reply select everything after:
    error id=0 msg=ok (** ms)
    just before:
    error id=0 msg=ok (** ms)
    Total: ** ms


    then type:
    servergroupaddperm sgid=[new group id] then just paste everything you copied after this and run it


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    This a old topic and copy group option was added for long time now.

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