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Thread: Bookmarks

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    The password for the server I go to is 'sunshine'.
    I typed it in and connect, no issue.
    I went to bookmark the server, no issue.
    I attempted to join the server the next time I load up teamspeak, and it told me unable to connect.
    I went back to the bookmark to see what happened. Instead of the seven dots representing the letters in sunshine, I only saw two dots, so I fix it. The next time I tried to join, same problem. I fix it yet again. That time, when I fixed it, I pressed apply, ok, and then went back to the bookmark right after the window closed. It changed it once again.
    So I started to experiment. If I typed 'password', it kept it. If I typed snushine, it kept it. If I typed anything BUT the actual password, it would keep it. Yet, as soon as I typed 'sunshine', it would change it to a two-letter password. It also changes it in the connect window, each time.

    How can I fix this?

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    I personally dont have this probelm but most of the guys in my clan do, exactly as described above

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    Some passwords were not properly restored, while most passwords would work fine. This will be fixed with the next client update.

    The issue occurs only with certain character combinations, so it hasn't been noticed before.

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