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    Shortened Nickname.

    It's really, really annoying. I play in a BF2 tournament with internal ranks, companies, divisions, etc. My name only just fits in the nickname box & if I was say a MSgt. ( Master Seargent ) then my name would no longer fit. It fits in TS2 etc so can you please extend the character limit as I'm far from the only person complaining about this.

    Also what does:

    <20:37:45> Connecting to server **.**.***.***:****
    <20:37:45> insufficient client permissions (failed on Invalid permission: 0x5087)
    <20:37:45> Failed to connect to server


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    Hey CorteX,

    u are not the only one with this problem!
    I have an multigaming clan, and in my clan, are 3 Persons who cannot write their full names like in teamspeak 2.

    @Teamspeak-team: Pls solve this problem and extend the character limit.

    Gr33ts Sasser

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