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    Ubuntu for boneheads

    So Teamspeak 3 server will not run on my creaky old Win98 laptop. On to bigger and better things. I have taken some old components and cobbled together a nice little Linux machine Running Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit). It works. I wouldn't be here typing nor would I be able to host a TS3 server if it were not. Problem is, I can't seem to get my server to boot with TS3 running. I have used the "startup applications" options and added the server executable but I will not work.

    I have not installed as root, and the app resides in /home/username/apps/ts3/ folder. Do I have to install it elsewhere in order for this to work or is there some alphabet soup that I just need to add to the command line in the "startup application" configuration box? Currently the startup line reads...


    Is there anything that should follow this to force a start?
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    Yes, that.

    Yes, sir... that is what I have done. Doesn't work for me so far. TS3 is in the list yet the shortcut script never shows up in the folder with all the rest that are in that list. Wish I could remember the folder that I found them in, but the teamspeak server startup never shows up.

    Remember running apps is not useful either because TS3 is always sleeping (even though it is running quite well for my friends and I to talk on).

    this is in the command line....

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    It's for debian, but should work with Ubuntu 9.10 too:

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