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    Hope this works for all platforms.

    We found a solution tonight to the mystery of why you have to re-subscribe all channels every time you login to TS3.

    Create the desired username.
    go to permissions,
    server query login,
    type in the username you want to edit, hit OK and it will generate a password.

    Give this password to the user.
    Have them log in with this password and their username.
    Have the user go to Settings > Options > Design and check the Automatically subscribe channels option and apply then ok.
    Have the user right click the root of the channel list (ie: ours is DR Team Speak 3) at the top of the channel list, click on subscribe all channels.

    Exit TS3 and reconnect with the user/password and it will then automatically resubscribe all the channels every time.

    You will have to subscribe to any new channels created later.

    The user must have a password associated with their account to have the automatically subscribe option to work.

    Hope this help!

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    Nice solution. Wish this could be edited at the server side, so that this could be made as a default setting for all connecting users, as in TS2.

    Unfortunately once you subscribe to all channels to see who's online, you'll constantly get notifications about people moving around in all the subscribed channels, which gets annoying real fast.

    If you want to disable those, just deselect the options for those in Settings / Options / Notifications than Client / Switched+Moved / To Different Channel.

    Weird how TS3 comes with many annoying default setting
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    Thanks, didn't realise it was more complex than at first glance (Just pressing the tick box)

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