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    Question What is the security level for

    What is the security level for?

    I know from the guides I read that this should prevent spam. So if you set a security level of 15 for example, only users with this level or above 15 can connect.

    But HOW should this prevent spam?
    I can increase my security level just with some clicks. OK, this can take some time to finish, but everyone can get a high level if he/she only waits enough.

    On the other side, an increase of the security level can be a pain for the guildmates if the have to increase their level to (lets say 30). This takes some time, and until this is finished they cannot connect to the server.

    So, what is the real use for the security level?

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    to make things like bans more painful to the banned. If your identity is banned and you need to create a new one, that is just a few clicks...but bringing it back to level 30 (or whatever) takes a lot of time...

    All except big public servers that are being harassed by very determined spammers will not use this feature....

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    But you know that this is really not an option for big public servers right?

    Think of this situation:
    You have a big public server with lots of people talking on that server, and many others which are joining randomly.

    So, if you have spam problems you can increase the security level to 30 (for example).
    Let's say that the people who are using that server normally already have this level.

    But what for the other people who want to join that server and which are not spamming?
    They have to wait until their ID has reached this level.

    This is a KO for a public server, because big guilds who are playing on public servers cannot invite random people to that server. It takes hours to create a good ID (28 and above). And it will take days and months to create far better IDs than 30 (as the server edit window states).

    So that is not a real option for public servers in my eyes.

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