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    Tokens without elevated rights?

    Apart from the defaults, our clan testserver has three server groups:

    - Clan members
    - Prospective members
    - Friends

    I created a handful of Clan member tokens, and posted those in the secret part of our clan forum, and also gave the Clan member group the right to display the current token list of the server. That way clan members can register themselves and can also give a token to another member online.

    I also tried to give clan members the right to generate new Clan member and Friend server group tokens, but no Prospective member or Server admin tokens. Unfortunately I can either give them the right to generate any tokens (including server admin tokens, which is not so cool) or none. I couldn't find a way to set separate security levels for token generation, it seems there's only find b_virtualserver_token_add.

    Also I wish there was a Copy all tokens to the clipboard button...

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    As far as I see it at the moment, the only way is, that you create a bunch of Tokens, so they don't run out so fast.
    That's how I handle it at the moment. (For the same reason, I don't want them to make the Admin one - or for a Rank, they don't have )

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