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    Any help no matter what teamspeak version or osx version, i can't get the hotkeys working?Any help.Whit my other computer and old osx mavericks no problem.
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    HOTkey issue

    Hello ,
    I know there's a already message about it but as it is not working at all for me...
    I have a Imac pro 10.13.6. My teamspeak was working well from the beginning. ans 2 week ago as I don't have done nothing the hotkey began not to work. so I went to hotkey configuration, and it was as if it don't detecte the keyboard at all only the mouse. What strange is when I came back the day after , the hotkey were working again... and from this time , on time it is working , one time no... I have read all the forum and when to security / accessibility/ .... but it don't change nothing.
    I also had a upgrade from teamspeakc so I tried it , first day ok , second day not okey...Yesterday it happen again and I don't know how it came bak without doing nothing 2 hour after I wake up my mac. it is like unstable...
    Help me please...


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    Push-To-Talk Key not working correctly


    About 8 months ago, I updated my TeamSpeak to the newest version available then, and my ptt key stopped working. It worked in the version before that, however. Today, I deleted the ts application from my computer, and redownloaded the NEWEST version. Ptt key still not working. Today, I also deleted my old ptt key to try to add a new one, and when I did, a popup said that to be able to use hotkeys on a Mac, I need to go to Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and put the TS application in the menu there. When I went there, it was already there, so I tried adding the hotkey, but when I did and tested it, it did NOT turn on. I was pressing the button, but it did not activate. I tried with a mouse button (B5) and a key (GRAVE `) Neither worked. I then tried to see if continuous activation and voice activation worked, and they did, which they did not prior to my delete and reinstall...

    Please help, as I am a staff member on a Minecraft server and basically unable to do anything in TS without being able to talk. I also don't use a headset, so please don't suggest using voice activation.
    This is driving me crazy!!

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