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    Import / Export Keybinds.

    There are a lot of people who run guilds, clans, tournaments etc with large complex channel structures & new members, hell even the old ones will have a sod of a time having to set up hundreds of keybinds whenever they reinstall and so on. In Teamspeak 2 you can just export/import the keybinds but there is no functionality (that I can see/find) which will allow you to do similar in TS3.

    Please add this functionality in the future it is very, very useful.

    P.S If it does exist & somehow after ages of looking I missed it please enlighten me.

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    Yes i'm in the similar situation and would like to know what the options are atm.



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    Yes very much so. This one is almost a decision breaker in deciding when to switch from TS2 to TS3.

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