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    [Bug] Whisper to nonexistant User

    There seems to be a bug in the whispering function.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Add a user to your Whisper-List
    2. User quits
    3. Press whisper Button to whisper that user

    What happens (and should not happen):
    Other users in your channel will hear your "whisper" (because the whisper-target isnt online).

    Expected result:
    - Nothing happens
    - Error message (audio hint "bing", whatever...)
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    is anyone able to reproduce this? needs to be fixed then

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    Could you fix the fault?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatryPirada View Post
    Could you fix the fault?
    If such bug still would exist in latest client (version 3.2.5) or older version we would have many more complains about that issue.
    You have that bug? Then please give us a way to reproduce this because the original how from OP to does not work.
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