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    TeamSpeak3 Client Beta3 coming tomorrow


    just to let you guy know, beta3 for the server is just being prepared, and the clients should get an upgrade to beta3 tomorrow. If all goes well beta3 might even be distributed by the autoupdater, we shall see .

    Changelog so far:

    === Client Release 3.0.0-beta3 - 2? Dec 2009 ===
    * Added missing apps.ini to installer
    * Added new setting to select between "Public mode" and "Clan mode" subscribe
      mechanism. With "Clan mode" you will subscribe to all channels on login and
      stay subscribed when you switch channels. While you can unsubscribe channels
      manually, you will resubscribe to all channels on next login again. With
      "Public mode" you will subscribe only to the current channel on login plus
      any channels subscribed in a previous connection to this server. Switching
      channels will unsubscribe you, unless it was a "remembered" subscription.
    * Now unused Autosubscribe all and Autounsubscribe checkboxes removed from
      Design options page
    - When connecting via ts3server:// link, use default identity, capture,
      playback and hotkey profiles
    * Phonetics nickname simplified. Instead of entering the format phonetic
      alphabet name, just enter the desired name itself, e.g. "Peter", "Ralf".
    * Typo fix german translation ("Konflicht")
    * Removed detailed settings for warn-when-talking-while-muted, option by
      default on
    * Check if notifications sound is enabled for warn-when-muted, automatically
      enable and warn user if sound script is missing
    * Added checks to warn-when-muted activation: Not away, not headset muted, not
    * Check for update only once per day
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    Is this still being released today? And if... timetable?

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    TeamSpeak 3 client beta5 has been released.

    (beta2 -> beta5, to synch the numbers with the server releases again)

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