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    Idle Time

    Is there a way to remove or prolong the idle time kick? I'd like to go AFK but I get kicked every 2 minutes...

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    About idle users please!

    Hi everyone, i have a question about this new ts3. I made my own server and when someone is idle or AFK for 2 min the server kick the player...Can someone tell me how to fix it please? Do i need a comand or plugin?

    btw, all the member can kick players how can i quit this permissions?

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    This is what I did to fix this. Login to your server as ServerAdmin then click "Permissions" under the menu, next select "Server Groups" and in the Filter box type "idle" and you should see"Max idle time in seconds". Double click the "Value" column and input -1 for no idle timeout.

    Seems that after you touch the "Max idle time in seconds" permission setting once it gets set and starts to enforce the idle kick time.

    Hope this helps!

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    whats "Negate" or "Skip" for then?

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    Since Server Groups are the first Tier of permission layers, it is possible that they will be overwritten by a higher tier permission.
    Since it is sometimes desirable to prevent Channel Groups (Tier 4) to overwrite permissions that you received through your Server Group
    there is the "Skip" flag. If a permission in either Server Group (Tier 1) or Client Specific Permissions (Tier 2) has the skip flag set,
    this permission will not be altered by any overlapping permission in the Channel Groups (Tier 4) layer.

    Example: As the admin of your server you do not want the channel group to be able to restrict your permissions. By adding the skip flag to
    all of the permissions in the server admin group you make sure that no matter how these permissions are configured by any channel groups
    you may be granted, these channel group permissions will not take any effect on your abilities.

    Sometimes you might want to create a Server Group that negatively affects the users that are put into it. For example a "Sticky"
    group that disallows switching of channels or a "Silent" group that removes the privileges to talk from the clients that receive
    it. To allow this the negate flag can be added to permissions in a server group. If you are member of a group that has a permission
    flagged with the negate flag, you will not receive the highest value of this permission, but rather the lowest that is flagged with

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