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    How do i transfer permissions from one TS3 server to another.

    Hi there i am changing host of my TS3 and it will be a new fresh install. How do i backup all my settings from the old one and transfer them to the new one plz

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    I have a TS3 server on a dedicated server and will be giving it up so i want to move the groups and settings to one hosted by a GSP. Is there not an import/export feature??

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    You have the answer for the permissions (as it's write in your title).

    But you can use the snapshot command to import/export all settings.
    If your old dedicated server is on linux and if your hoster can apply for you the snapshot, you can follow the instructions from this thread :

    It's hard to help you with so little informations.

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    Exporting permission

    can I export our permission to another server? If so How do I do that? Thanks

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    Look at the top of this thread.
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    Question Permission-Group Export to other Virtual Server?

    Thx for the solution
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