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    Quote Originally Posted by Milithor View Post
    I have the server account where i've used the admin token from the start, but i lost the login and password, when i tried to create the server i says insufficient power blablabla...
    That means i NEED to have the login and password from the start? Because i can't do it with a new serverquery login...!

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    Unable to change default voice port in ts3?

    Hi, I'm stumped and thank you in advance for your help. When I created my ts3 server it used the default port 9987. I tried using ts3server.ini to change the port but was not successful, nor did I have any luck using the server console through telnet:
    serveredit default_voice_port=9101
    error id=1537 msg=invalid\sparameter\scount

    Do you guys have any advice in how I can change the default port?

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    Please read the documentation : TeamSpeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt and TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Manual.pdf
    You confuse the start parameter and query commands.

    So for that you have to use the query command :
    login serveradmin <password>
    use <serverID> ("or" use port=<virtual server port>)
    serveredit virtualserver_port=9101
    serverstop sid=<serverID>
    serverstart sid=<serverID>
    Don't forget you have to use a tool (like Putty) and connected directly on the query port (by default 10011).

    This question has been answered many times on this forum. Next time please use the search function.

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    Server admin missing rights

    Hi, I want to create a second virtual server on my Windows 2003 server, but it seems that some permissions are missing. Of course I'm server admin.

    All the rights "Virtual Server Management" under the Global sectionare greyed, I can't modify them. So, I'm not able to activate the b_virtualserver_create right.

    If I try to modify them, I have the following message : insufficient permission modify power

    Server version is 3.0.0 RC1 under Windows 2003 32 bits.

    Please help me !

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    Exclamation More than one server in machine

    Hi all.
    I'm new to the community.
    I have a Virtual Private Server.
    Where to stay My Team Speak Server.
    but I have some friends who need a Team Speak.
    I wonder if you can create more than one Server with the same IP. but with a different port.
    management is not a commercial.
    are created to "Sucubos Online" and "Combat Arms EU".
    Anyone who wants a room please Comunicarce Me.
    would appreciate the answer

    Operating System: Windows 2008 Server 32-Bit

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    Please read the first message from this thread.
    Don't forget, before add a new virtual server you have to get a NPL license

    Thread Merged,
    Next time please read the documentation or use the search forum function.

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    Move Virtual server to another port.

    Hello everybody,

    maybe it's a simple question for you.

    atm i only have one ts running (debian 64bit), but i'm thinking about adding another one but the last one should have the default port.

    So, should i only change the port of the first and give the second one the default port? or should i do it on a completly different way?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Problem with QueryCommands

    Why i can't delete the virtual server by commands serverdelete
    it reply error id=1539 msg=parameter\snot\sfound(40 ms)
    Total: 40 ms

    Help me please

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    Cant seem to apply the free license??

    I cant seem to get the license key to work to get me 512 slots. Its in the root where the server is sitting in. Its also in a few other places for good measure but no luck.

    I try to up the max slots using putty and i just get the 'max slots reached' error.

    I also cant find a file people have been talking about called 'server log'?

    Ive tried to search this error but cant find anything other than what I have already tried.

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    Privilege key in the second virtual server

    Hi all, I have just create a second virtual server but when I log in It request me insert a new privilege key.

    Where is this key? I canīt found! Can you help me? Please.

    I follow the next guide:


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    Thread Merged
    The privilge was provided as answer at the servercreate command.

    I guess you don't save it, so you can use the servergroupaddclient to add you in the server admin of this new virtual server.
    More information in the query documentation

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    Port specifications


    Since Windows 8s "svchost" sets itself to use the 9987 port, I then wish to change which port Teamspeak 3 server is using. I got it to work the other day on port 9987 but now that windows 8 is using the port for something else. So where can I find this ini file on where I can specify which port TS3 server is using?

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    no where

    Default voice port (UDP) change

    i need to know how to change the Default voice port (UDP) from 9987 to 10022 (UDP)
    how do i do this tell me every step im new to this kinda stuff

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    When I try to use the code in the "top" box I get "error id=256msg=command\snot\sfound I know my server admin password and I have my npl license in my ts3 root folder. All I want to do is increase my max slots to 512.

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    right click the server name -> edit virtual server -> set the slots to 500 and hit ok

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