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    Server process intermittently showing with top

    If I want to monitor the resource usage or kill the server with top I have to stare at it for a while and wait to the TS server process to appear. And I have to catch it quick cuz it'll disappear. I notice other processes fade in and out as well, what can I do about this.

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    You could try to limit the displayed processes to the processes that are started by a special user. Use something like:

    top -u ts3user

    when assuming that ts3user started the server.

    You could also use top to monitor only a single process if you know its process ID by starting

    top -p TS3PID

    If you do not know the process ID, you can get it by issuing

    ps -C ts3server_linux -o pid=

    The fact that TS3 "fades away" from the top list shows that this process is not consuming very much cpu time on your system. It will be sent to sleep when it fades away, thus freeing the cpu for other processes.

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    or you use an autostart script, which makes the server die if you stop / kill the

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