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    Teamspeak edit server problems

    teamspeak3 edit my server problems.

    teamspeak3 edit my name is failed: <02:14:10> insufficient client permissions (b_virtualserver_modify_ft_settings has failed (9014/0x2336))


    usermax does not agree to change the number ie it is 32 and it does not agree to change it at 512 or 100 slots

    license can be found in

    what is the problem

    help me

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    I have the same problem anyone got the answer?

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    I am getting the same issue.

    I have updated the server to 512 slots, runs on MySQL Database.

    I get the error when attempting any of the following.
    -Edit Server Name

    This was after I did update the License to 512 users. I am thinking that it is connected with that. But it would be nice if someone can confirm.

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    Me too. I have used the Token and was added to Server Admin group, but I ant't edit the server. What's happened?

    EDIT: I also can't write in the Server Query. Same "Bug"??
    EDIT 2: Agreed. I also have an NPO Licence and before that, all workes fine. But now nothing happens.

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    I think I got the answer

    I think I found the answer to fix this...

    This was taken from this thread :

    The big problem I am seeing is that Server Admins are just starting the process, logging in to the server and using the long Auth Token and stopping there. But after that you got one more big thing to do to make you a true admin.

    Big thanks to Jwevrsn in this post about using the Server Querry Tool

    Follow his 2nd post steps

    Now launch the Server Query tool CTRL + SHIFT + V

    Click the icon in the top right corner and select login command.

    In the box enter your serveradmin password produced earlier.

    login serveradmin **PASSWORD**
    use sid=1
    servergroupaddclient sgid=2 cldbid=2
    At the bottom of the screen if you typed it right you should see

    <16:47:32> "XXXX" was added to server group "Admin Server Query (2)" by "serveradmin from XXXX".
    Level 100!
    Once you have Level 100 access you are good to go on the juicy part.

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