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    Angry TS3 Overlay Plugin does not work


    I have configured the TeamSpeak Overlay plugin to show me the whisper list while playing Planetside2. But it seams everytime I press the button to activate it in-game, nothingd appears!

    I tried re-installing the TS, tried it with other games other than Planetside2, nothign works! I made sure the activation button was not keybinded in-game, still it does not work. I binded the activation to the "L" key on my keyboard, nothing happens!

    I have followed a step by step tutorial to set up the overlay. Im using TS overlay plugin 3.7.8 on a Win7 64 Bit computer with TS3 version Everything else works fine.

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    Please try the overlay version 3.7.10
    also make sure that neither TeamSpeak nor the game is running in admin mode.
    You might also want to try and use another hotkey system in settings -> options-> hotkeys

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