First off, I'll say I am thrilled to see TS3 finally making its first appearance. It is really living up to most of the long-time hype I've read.

Now, to the particulars of my situation. My computer has 2 separate audio devices plugged in, 5.1 optical surround-sound audio system, and headset with microphone. When not talking, I usually keep the headset off and switch to the optical audio output in the sound settings for the surround rather than headphones, however, Teamspeak does not follow that setting and has to be set separately from windows which adds additional annoyance to swapping it. My ideal solution would be if someone could point me towards a magical solution to get Windows 7 to use both at once, but other than going back to XP, I don't see that coming so...

Is there any way to make teamspeak follow the windows 7 audio-out settings, or to make the computer send the audio out to all devices simultaneously like in XP?

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, it simply looked to be the best place from the main forum. Thanks.