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    TS3 Plugin SDK - Visual C++ 208

    hello guys

    first of all i meant visual studio 2008 in the topic!

    i downloaded the plugin sdk and build the dll file.
    i changed the "definition" WINDOWS to WIN32.

    but if i start TS3, and i refreshed the plugins there was the errormessage:
    2009-12-22 10:18:13.909179		Info	Failed to load plugin: D:\Programme\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\test_plugin.dll
    what should i change to make it work?

    yours tom

    (sorry for my bad english )
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    I had the same problem. I'm using a Windows XP-64Bit Edition and I cannot use the dll within the 64-Bit Edition of Teamspeak 3. After I switched to the 32-Bit Version of Teamspeak 3, everything was fine.

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    ahh *klick*

    visual studio build's 32bit files

    on top you can see it "Projektmappenplattform" (in german) is set to Win32

    thx for the clue

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