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    Correctly reading Query responses??

    Hello to all developers

    First of all: I'm not using PHP, I'm using C# + Silverlight

    Am I the only one trying to determine how to always successfully read the query-port responses?
    How do you detect how often you have to call "read" on the socket to be sure you got the whole response?

    Why am I asking this? For example when I send a "version" query call I sometimes get the whole response with one call and sometimes the status line "error id= ...." is retrieved sending an additional call. So how do I know when to do additional calls? I cant see a pattern that I could use to detect this, do I miss something? I saw one lib written in PHP thats searching the response for "id=" but thats bad coding and also does not work always (For example when doing a help-call where this part is contained in the examples of the command the help is for). I dont know why the other PHP libs work, as lon as i could read the php code they are calling the read as long as something is "returned". But what does "returned" mean? When I do a call to read and nothing is there to read the call is waiting until something is to be read. Sure I can cancel the call after a specified time but thats bad coding too.

    Beside this, TS3 also provides "callbacks" using "servernotifyregister" where the TS3 server sends notify messages when some event occured. How to detect them correctly and how to make sure that callback calls dont interfere with command-results?

    Ok, that was a lot of text to read, i guess there is an easy answer for this and I'm just too weary to get it.


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    bump!! Please, can any of the TS3-Devs answer on this question? Whats the logic you supposed us to use?

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