As it has always used to be, TeamSpeak is never friendly to anyone whose encoding is more than 1 byte. As a Traditional chinese user, the character encoding for BIG5 is 2 bytes in length, and they were never processed properly when it comes down to ASCII encoding, and often, it'll generate bugs, or even screw up the actual client/server.

For example, back in the days in TS2, certain chinese characters when entered in the nickname field, would cause "invalid username/password" error, when the connection was using quick connect and the username/password fields were empty.

anyways, back to the problem.

I was creating a plugin that would process the incoming message, which, worked fine when it was comparing to an "english" keyword, but it fails when it shows up as chinese keyword.

Anyways, I believe that there's some kind of weird "encoding" going around

kinda hard to explain it =\