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    Nicknames too short

    Ladies and Gentlemen !

    I'm very pleased with Teamspeak3 now, with one exception:
    We were used in our game to have people register with a Nick of the following form:
    Corp | Gamename | Realname

    Now, we can't use long Nicks anymore and this gives us some drawback.
    We want to see, what Corp a Speaker is member of, what is his Ingame name, and what is his real life name.

    I'd be pleased, if you could at least double the size of nicks for the next beta.

    Thanks for the good work



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    December 2009
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    I'm surprised i havent seen this fixed yet since theres a lot of people complaining about it why not just make it 32 characters and be done with the issue

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    December 2009
    this is from beta5 changelog:
    * Nickname length increased to 30 characters

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    December 2009
    Eastern Us
    Ah good catch I must have overlooked that one
    Props to the devs :-P

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